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Who We Are?  Our Vision is “Creating accessible content, on medium at a time”. Our Mission, or AIM (wink, wink) is for ASL accessible content.

What We Do? In simple terms submit a request (webinars, trainings, videotaped announcements, YouTube content, etc.) to become accessible and inclusive. AIM is responsible for providing captioning and embedding a recorded interpretation into your content. Developing a final product that is clean, high quality and accessible.

Why we need you: We need your help to be apart of a mission of making media content more accessible. This effort is a direct response of the lack of sensitivity our world of providing avenues of communication for sign language users. Join us to be apart of the change of promoting accessibility.


Deaf Interpreters (C/DI) will be able to assist, enhance, or improve the quality of an original source by rendering it in a language a Deaf person understands. They must be able to read Captioned English during the translation process.

Hearing Support Interpreter (HI) will produce a satisfactory original interpretation in a language a C/DI will understand and thus, be able to reproduce into a final interpretation. HI's must be able to provide the C/DI with feedback on linguistic choices, visual quest and any other input to aid in the C/DI’s final interpreting product.

Video Editors are required to possess both technical and creative abilities to be able to effectively create the vision clients have in mind. Individuals in this position usually have experience working with creative software and have a keen eye for creative digital design. They must have the ability to understand Sign Language and written English.

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What is the talent pool?

We work with an internal list of qualified freelancers, also known as our Talent Pool.

These people are Editors, C/DIs, and Hearing Interpreters who work together with us.