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We are looking for a new social media manager to help us manage and deliver our client instagram marketing campaigns. This includes but is not limited to content research, scheduling, optimisation and influencer campaign management. We're looking for someone who is passionate, organised, has the ability to learn and has shown an interest in social media marketing. Our minimum requirements are at least having experience working with 5+ clients or having achieved a bachelor's degree qualification in the business and/or marketing category. More details will follow post application. Please do not apply if you do not meet any of these general minimum requirements as we will ask for this with required proof.

Nevertheless, we're excited to potentially start working with you and can't wait to learn more about how we can work together this 2022!

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What is the talent pool?

We work with an internal list of qualified contractors, also known as our Talent Pool.

These could be individuals or companies doing work on a contract basis, such as designers, writers, developers, or social media managers.